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Crossbow is a network of European and Asian experts and operators. We provide on-demand services to all key players in the ecosystem: Startups, Corporates, VC firms, Universities, and others, boosting innovation, building partnerships, and accelerating growth.

With decades of experience across markets, verticals, and positions, we have the full skillset of knowledge and experience required to accelerate projects and produce tangible results. Our team of consultants includes former senior staff from Apple, Motorola, eBay, Gucci, Aon Hewitt as well as from Startups, SMEs, and official institutions to provide an unparalleled view of the playing field and solid project management capacity. Our continually growing network of partners is composed of pre-vetted service providers in accounting, audit, recruiting, logistics, marketing, law and financial services.

We believe in reducing unnecessary risk and friction so projects can scale faster and better. We achieve this through highly customisable modules that provide a level of flexibility impossible to match with in-house solutions, allowing Startups, Corporates and VCs to make bold bets with minimal risk and cost and virtually no admin. A lean management toolkit available on demand.

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