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PROGRAMS: Projects


We provide a wide range of programs to promote the interaction of all industry players: Bootcamps, Acceleration, Innovation, Hackathons, Forums and others.



We create tailor made accelerations programs

We leverage our extensive experience and vast network of partners to put together tailor made acceleration programs to help startups expand internationally and maximise their fundraising potential. Our programs provide the startups with access to mentors, potential customers, potential partners, tech talent, productivity tools, vetted service providers, specialised media and investors.



We design and implement innovation programs for corporates along four key components:
- Collaboration: leveraging our wide network in the ecosystem
- Ideation: leveraging our diverse team and proprietary techniques to be the catalyst of new ideas
- Implementation: Leveraging our coaching experience to help clients implement the innovations
- Value Creation: using tools and frameworks to maximise the value of each innovation



Our range of programs also includes AMA Sessions, Networking Events, Forums, Workshops, Bootcamps and Hackathons. For additional details, reach out to us.


Please let us know about the program you would be interested in. We will come back to you shortly with more details on how you could participate.

Thank your for your enquiry. We will reply to you soon.

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