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Young Founder's School Easter Bootcamp

Updated: May 12, 2022

Our founder Alfonso Ballesteros was invited to be a judge at the Young Founders School Easter #bootcamp last Sunday.

⚖️Him and 2 other judges heard the #pitches from 8 teams of high school students from #HongKong and other Asian countries.

👉They had to judge them according to:

- How good the #idea was

- How viable the #businessmodel was

- How well they did the pitch

💡 He was very impressed with the ideas, the visual quality of presentations and the confidence demonstrated by the teams during the #pitching. The startups themselves often had some issues with their business models (a bit too ambitious and optimistic) that needed a bit more focus and they also needed a bit more work on the financials. But, as they explained to the students, that's often the case when hearing pitches from founders twice or three times their age. So if anything, judges were surprised by how close the teams were to the level of actual "grown-up" startups.

⭐️Students had a strong preference for platform based solutions, which was quite interesting. There was a very strong social media and network component to their approaches to problem solving.

👏The judges found this exercise very meaningful. The kids learnt how to improve their skills and three of the 8 teams got prizes and additional support to further develop their idea. A very worthy initiative.


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