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Mentoring HKSTP startups: Remo

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Meetings in the #metaverse!

Yes, it’s happening already and its much better than just zooming. By creating environments that resemble the real world, you get to interact with objects and other people in ways that feel more natural. It’s a “zoom meets the Sims” kind of situation and it makes meeting online quite enjoyable rather than tedious.

Last week our founder Alfonso Ballesteros met with Hoyin Cheung, Founder & CEO of Remo, a HK Startup doing just that.

This was part of the HKSTP Mentoring Programs, they discussed use cases for this technology and Alfonso was very impressed by their solution.

The way it works is you go into this virtual office space, and you can either do a "presentation" (you talk to the whole audience) or you go into “conversation mode”, each group sits on specific tables. In terms of interaction, it really feels quite similar to natural offline interaction. Very versatile and intuitive and the offices look pretty cool.

Looking forward to seeing their progression over the next few months.

We have a good feeling about this startup. Essentially, it resolves a genuine problem with a massive market, resolves it well and has a way to monetise that. That's a pretty good start!

Keep an eye on them!

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