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Our methodology relies on a network of partnerships. We bring together the best fractional managers, freelancers and service providers to build teams that deliver results.

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CAREERS - Join our team

GROWTH PARTNERS - Join the network. Service providers

INNOVATION PARTNERS - Join the network. Partners in key locations

Based in Hong Kong, with partners across the region, we accelerate growth in Asia by combining three layers:

01 - Experienced Project Managers to lead the project (full time or fractional).
02 - Network of freelancers available on demand.

03 - Network of vetted service providers take care of all adjacent needs (accounting, legal, serviced office, recruiting)

All your needs managed by a one single project manager, with a wide range of additional services available on demand.


We analyse your case, determine your needs and propose service packages in blocks of 3 months.

Contact us to find out how this would apply to your case.

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